Lowell & Jones

Lowell & Jones

Lifestyle + Product Marketing Agency

This project was a rebrand for Miami Boy Lifestyle, an influencer and product marketing agency operating in Toronto and Miami. 

Once the name Lowell & Jones was established, the brandmark was designed by grouping the letters ‘L” and ‘J” and finishing off into a square. The overall design lends a modern and linear visual for the brand identity. A bright teal was introduced into the palette as a nod to the turquoise waters of Miami Florida.

The website was designed to serve as an online presence for the brand, with minimal content. A one pager website was decided as the best way to showcase the organization; however a photo gallery was incorporated as well, to show the many events the agency had hosted in the past. The clients wanted to use a deck to provide further information to companies for potential partnerships and sponsorships, which was added as another page on the site with a protected password, which is emailed to these prospects.

As the client decided to start new social media accounts, a blank canvas was set and the establishment of a cohesive Instagram was the next step, which was established by designing a template for the client to update with inspirational quotes and post every 6 posts.

Services provided:

Logo + Brand ID

Website Design

Deck Design

Social Media

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