Helen Una George is a Creative Strategist, Designer and Fine Artist.

As a Creative Strategist and Designer, she specializes in brand and business building and development. Helen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design and spent most of her design career focused on corporate branding and marketing, and working on business development projects and gaining exposure to entrepreneurial and CEO-level mindsets. As such, she is able to deliver successful business model strategies and create effective business plans and decks. She also provides creative and digital marketing services, ranging from logo creation to website design. Clients find value in working with Helen as she is able to provide an all-encompassing range of services in order to get a business or campaign up and running.

As a Fine Artist, she experiments with organic forms along with geometric shapes and works primarily in acrylic. Helen’s overall style is known to be minimal, linear and monochromatic, and carries this style throughout her paintings as well as her designs. You can check out some of her work here.